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Have you been diagnosed with Low Bone Density and want to Strengthen your Bones and Body the way Nature Intended? Are you looking to improve your Posture, Bone, Joint & Muscle strength and stay strong for life?

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Here's how we can help 

Bone Life Clinic is a unique place where you can go to improve your overall health and wellbeing!

We have created a program called Simply Strong For Life and If you have bones you will benefit from our training programs! Our philosophy is using the latest proven technologies bioDensity™ and Power Plate® to awaken and trigger the body’s natural responses to healing, remodelling, energising, and most of all staying strong for life.

Our bones form the skeletal system which is the foundation structure of the body and provides more than just support, strength and protection. It plays a fundamental role in the human body and it is often forgotten about unless we incur an injury or fracture! At BoneLife we thrive on providing a proven solution to care for and strengthen the skeletal system, and many experience the following benefits:

  • Improved Bone Density

  • Improved Posture

  • Improved Balance

  • Improved Athletic Performance

  • Less Joint and Back Pain

  • Less Fear to go about everyday activities

  • More Energy and Peace of Mind

People of all ages and levels of activities can benefit from Simply Strong For Life program to stimulate skeletal strength which impacts the entire body in many ways using a process known as Osteogenic Loading. Each Session is quick, painless, and results are measurable and happen quickly.  

Success Stories

"I have been trained by Vessy for the last 2 years and feel so lucky I found her.

As a keen tennis player (and former figure skater) I understand the importance of maintaining muscle mass, bone strength and flexibility. Vessy has helped me improve all three. 

Vessy has trained me using PowerPlate, the BioDensity machine, spiral stabilisation and yoga. I find that she is an inspiration to me and her knowledge and methods of teaching are excellent - from a stiff shoulder to a sore back Vessy can show me how to fix it!

Her attention to detail and posture in teaching movement is first class and Vessy puts her heart in to helping her clients become the best they can be. As a result I feel taller, stronger and grounded with strong and stable core.

Vessy teaches me how to use the breath in all my movements to achieve the best possible results in both body and mind. She is great fun to work with as well as being very compassionate and encouraging!"

I have had many trainers throughout my life and Vessy is without doubt the best I have ever encountered!

DENISE | Scoliosis and Osteoporosis Patient

“Whether you are suffering from pain and distress or simply want to feel healthier you are in safe hands. Vessy exemplifies what she teaches, having experienced scoliosis herself she relates to a patients needs from all aspects, mind body and emotions. 

She is professional in her approach, intuitive and highly knowledgeable in her field of expertise. I received BioDensity and PowerPlate sessions to aid post hip surgery rehabilitation and highly recommend her.” 

She relates to a patients needs from all aspects, mind body and emotions!

Gee | Post Hip Surgery Rehabilitation Patient

“I met Vessy at Virgin Active where she was covering a yoga class and as I really enjoyed her style and way of teaching I wanted to find out more about her approach and treatments. She made me aware of the bioDensity and Power Plate programme as I have osteopenia in my right hip. I started the programme in September 2016 and I have completed 30 sessions so far. I must say that the benefits are more than obvious as I no longer suffer from the night pain in my right hip that I used to have during the night, my right leg is stronger than it was before, my energy level is much higher and even my body posture has changed. Vessy is an amazing mentor who works with me as a whole, as well as focusing on my physical condition and my necessities, she helps me to improve my well – being and gives me a general awareness of the most important issues I have to focus on in my daily life. I must admit that I am so eagerly looking forward to performing each session with Vessy as I do not experience this as a tiring and exhausting workout but as a fun and enjoyable time spent with my mentor. I cannot wait to have my next Dexa scan because I am sure that there will be a massive improvement with my hip.”

I no longer suffer from the night pain in my right hip that I used to have during the night, my right leg is stronger than it was before!

Albena | Osteopenia Patient

 “I have worked with Vessy both on the Power Plate and bioDensity equipment with the goal of maximising my level of health. I found that Vessy possesses a deep knowledge of human physiology and knows exactly how to get the very best out of me in each of our sessions. She is thoughtful and keeps moving the exercises forward so that there is real and measurable progress. In addition, and perhaps even more importantly Vessy is a very kind, caring and compassionate person who is genuine and authentic. Working with someone of her calibre is a real joy. ”

I felt real benefits from the work that we have done and would thoroughly recommend Vessy to anyone who needs guidance and coaching from a real expert!

Stephen | Maximising Level Of Health

“I met Vessy when I was needing to address my osteopenia in my hips. Not only did Vessy totally support my health goals by use of the BioDensity and Power Plate machines but she went beyond this and help me correct my posture by various exercises also on the power plate along with lots of lifestyle advice. She made me aware of the mind/body connection and how this affects our health and wellbeing.

With Vessy you don’t just get a therapist for bone health by use of her vast knowledge of the appropriate exercises, you get somebody who takes a holistic view of your health and wellbeing.

Vessy is VERY knowledgeable of the mind/body workings, and she is someone who really cares.”

Vessy helped me change the whole approach to my life, because you can't just deal with one aspect of your wellbeing!

Colette | Osteopenia Patient

“I really enjoy Vessy’s exercise sessions and I am very impressed with the way she teaches.

She has a wonderful way of doing it - paying attention to personal needs with every little detail.

She is a joyous, calm person with a lot of patience. This makes it a joy to be with her. Time passes quickly when I do my exercises under her guidance! She is an excellent and an amazing therapist with a wonderful personality.

I am really grateful to her for introducing me to Power Plate and BioDensity programs. 

Looking forward to having more sessions with Vessy! "

I am really grateful to her for introducing me to Power Plate and BioDensity programs!

REKHA | Scoliosis and Osteoporosis Patient

“Vessy is an unusually gifted therapist and healer!”

She Takes Your Health to Another Level!

SUE | Maximizing Health and Posture Alignment

“I am 63 years old and was diagnosed with osteoporosis in the spine and osteopenia in the hip 15 years ago. I have never fractured and, whilst taking osteoporosis drugs for short periods of time some years ago, I was never happy going down this road and so started researching more natural means of treating my condition. I became interested in the concept of 'BioDensity' and osteogenic loading a couple of years ago and started training regularly with Vessy from April 2016. I was rather apprehensive of this exercise at first but found Vessy's  highly skilled, holistic and patient  approach quickly gave me confidence and in the past 18 months I have become stronger and more body aware, gaining more understanding of the process. Vessy's training regime combines use of the PowerPlate along with the BioDensity machine as a warm up and preparation for the osteogenic loading exercises and for stretch and cool down afterwards, thus providing a rounded and enjoyable workout. Thanks Vessy”

In the past 18 months I have become stronger and more body aware, gaining more understanding of the process!

CAROL - Osteoporosis Patient

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